Public training generally opened to all
the individual or organizations to attend


Teambuilding is the best choice to group all employees from different departments and level and work as a team


In-house training is always the best
the choice to train a group of participants
within the organization


Consultancy is a complex and long-term process whereby we have to
understand in-depth about your
business and issue

Service Descriptions

Business Management Consultancy Services

Consultants at SIC strengthen the performance and satisfaction of employees at the mid-management and executive level through dynamic consultation. We partner alongside emerging and established leaders to improve the quality of their work and the quality of their relationships with colleagues, clients, and the community. We support emerging leaders to improve their work by establishing a growth agenda, building skills to meet that agenda, and engaging in direct, honest feedback that provides real-time information to move to the next level of performance. Previous clients have asked for support to improve program implementation, manage heavy workloads, interpersonal dynamics with colleagues and boost supervision interactions.


Managers and leaders of organizations are often busy with the essentials of staying in business. They are delivering results and documenting impact. While leaders are able to articulate their vision for programs in a compelling manner, it doesn’t always mean they have the time or skill to transfer the mission, vision, and values into staff practices and behaviors. SIC has a proven method of training that supports staff members to transfer the learning agenda from theory to practice. Utilizing the power of adult learning theory and experiential learning techniques, our training is consistently ranked high among participants. Staff members will leave training with observable skills, inspiration, and a readiness to activate change on the ground

Business Management Consultancy Services

Our Lead Consultants are trained and experienced facilitators who can drive meeting outcomes while building connections among team members. Our tools of meeting management help team members to feel engaged throughout the session. We carry a human-centered approach to meetings where we understand how people need to receive and process information in order to make decisions and get work done. Meetings during COVID-19 are sometimes perceived as stale contributing to fatigue of videoconferencing. SIC has been trailblazing an array of innovative tools for online meetings that hold participants’ interest from start to end of the meeting. Our meetings capture folks on the left-brain and right-brain sides of the equation so that we all experience impactful moments.

Sales & Distribution Division


Disribution Channel



Targeted penetration to 340
retail pharmacies nationwide
in 9 to 12 months


Online sales would come
from spill-over from
pharmacies channel and
effort on own Ecom platform


Market demand would push
to penetration into dentist,
baby shops, hypermarket
and supermarket like Isetan


Working hand in hand with the principal, to build and expand the brand in Malaysia with a nominal fee.